Ethical Fashion. Brand Profile: Mia Fratino

This brand is committed to 'slow fashion' and live their commitment in several important ways.

1. They use only 100% natural fibres that are biodegradable and environmentally sustainable. No synthetics blends here!

2. They advocate mindful purchasing and insist on precision craftsmanship and create garments intended to last many seasons in both quality and design. 

3. Garments are ethically made. Garments are made in their own factory in Sri Lanka. Their staff are afforded privileges & entitlements comparable to the conditions of any Australian or European factory.

4. They take their social responsibility seriously. They even established a non-profit micro-finance organisation when they first set up manufacturing in Sri Lanka in 2011. This program is seperate to their factory and has a community based philanthropic focus, empowering women who are living in poverty.

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