Donna's Top Tips for Garment Care

A bit nervous when it comes to looking after your brand new Woolshed purchase? Don't worry, it's not as hard as you might think!
Donna's Top 5 Tips for Looking After Your Garment

#1. Two words: Huon Pine

Huon Pine is an essential addition to your natural fibre purchase. Natural and chemical free, Huon Pine repels pests that destroy clothing such as moths, fleas, silverfish and mites. It also prevents odours and can be used to protect your pet's bedding! Plus, you'll probably only have to buy huon pine once, as it truly does last generations. In all honesty, Huon Pine is a very small price to pay for its incredible ability to look after your purchase.

#2. Washing your garment*

Donna recommends the best way to wash your garments is by gently hand washing in tepid water. Check the water temperature with your elbow, as if you are testing water in a baby's bath - if you can feel it, it's too warm!

*This is a general care guide for natural fibres. Always consult the garment care instructions on the label if your product has one. For more specific information, do not hesitate to contact us!

#3. Storage, Storage, Storage!

Do you have a stash of spare pillow cases in your linen cupboard? Good. Don't let them just sit there! Use these to store your natural fibre garments and accessories by folding them up and slipping them into a spare cotton pillow case.

We always recommend storing natural fibre garments by folding them, rather than hanging. In some cases, hanging your garments can alter their shape.

#4. Prevent Pilling

Yes, pilling can happen in some fabrics, but it doesn't mean it is inevitable! You can prevent pilling by taking care to avoid friction against your garment. This could include handbag straps, rubbing against outerwear, seatbelts or rough handling of your garment during washing. Whenever you suspect something might rub against your garment, avoid it if you can!

#5. Dry them properly!

Going about the drying process the wrong way could impact the shape of your garment. To keep your garment looking how it did when you bought it, Donna recommends rolling your wet garment in a towel and standing on it to remove excess water. Then, she suggests massaging your garment to shape and hanging it flat on a clothes airer until dry.


A purchase from The Woolshed Australia is an investment. Whether you've treated yourself to a gorgeous, delicate cashmere cardigan or a cuddly alpaca jumper, it's the after-purchase love that matters! We want you to still be receiving hugs from that jumper in several years to come, so stay tuned for more of Donna's great tips.